Bespoke Education Consultancy

Do you support people who have little or no education, and for whom there are to many barriers to education

From a literacy package for one learner to an NVQ for a group, we can support your organisation to run a programme that will meet the needs of a variety of vulnerable learners.

We can offer training so that your staff can:

  • Have awareness of Autism and Dyslexia so that they understand how this can affect people
  • Know how to screen for Autism and Dyslexia and make a referral for official assessment and diagnosis
  • Know how to support people with Autism and/ or Dyslexia

We can offer access to:

  • Tutors (or mentor your talented staff or service users to be tutors)
  • a range of accredited qualifications 
  • Invigilation for exams
  • Quality Assurance for coursework based qualifications
  • Reviews and support
  • Access to assessments and diagnosis for Autism and Dyslexia

Inclusive Assessment Design

Do you have talented learners who are struggling to complete coursework due to low literacy levels? we can help you create rigorous assessment packs that utilise practical demonstration and oral question and answer methods so that they can achieve vocational qualifications. 

We can also provide training in order for your staff to understand and therefor better support a range of needs.



Contact us on 0114 438 2849


Your Future Education CIO, Registered Charity Number 1182786 

page last updated: 30/09/2018

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