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Inspiration and Qualifications

I have worked with families who are in the position of home educating children because school just isn't working for their child anymore. This has included children with Autism, Dyslexia, Mental Health issues and or Physical Health issues. 

Often these children have reported being bullied and struggling with the sensory environment of the school and have disengaged from education.

I can offer advice and guidance around how to provide an inspiring and fun home education, including advice about how to embed subjects including maths and English in to fun activities. 

Your Future Education can offer:

Access to qualifications with assessment packs utilising inclusive assessment methods that work with your child's strengths.

Maths and English Functional Skills (Level 2 is a GCSE Equivalent) in the home 

Access to a range of training and information to support a range of needs. 




Contact us on 0114 438 2849


Your Future Education CIO, Registered Charity Number 1182786 

page last updated: 28/09/2018

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