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Why do some learners struggle with college?

Your Future Education believes everyone should have the right to appropriate education and training. There are many reasons why sending some learners to external courses is not always appropriate:

  • Without the support of your familiar and nurturing staff/environment it just won't work
  • The learners are vulnerable
  • Learning difficulties have not been diagnosed 
  • Times and/or venues are not flexible enough for their needs 
  • Staff don't have enough experience with their needs 
  • Low attendance can lead to learners being removed from roll 
  • Exams and resits at set times of year 
  • Assessment methods not tailored to their needs 
  • Buildings are too big and overwhelming 
  • Learners may be too embarrassed to admit numeracy and literacy needs in front of strangers 
  • Learners are reluctant to attend a college due to previous negative experiences


Remove barriers to achieving by offering accessible qualifications within your organisation:

  • In your chosen base
  • Provide assessment, diagnosis and support for Autism and Dyslexia where appropriate
  • Assessment methods designed to their strengths
  • Times that you know will work best
  • Staff that will have time to get to know the learners and their needs
  • Learners will not be removed due to low attendance if you believe with more time and support they will attend
  • Exams when the learners are ready

From a literacy package for one learner to an Diploma for a group, we can support your charity to run a programme that will meet the needs of a variety of vulnerable learners, all in coordination with our Hidden Differences services.


Inclusive Assessment Design

Do you have talented learners who are struggling to complete coursework due to low literacy levels? We can help you create rigorous assessment packs that utilise practical demonstration and oral question and answer methods so that they can achieve vocational qualifications. 

Contact us on 01665 570898


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page last updated: 07/09/2020

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