Your Future Education offers a range of services to support people with a range of differences.


Much of our offer is available for free or heavily subsidised to charities as grants are available.

All services are available to buy in for businesses.

Please get in touch for more details.



Introduction to Hidden Differences Training 

Staff will learn about a range differences, looking at how when unsupported can affect education, employment and mental health.

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Screening Training  

Staff will learn to identify the signs of autism or SpLDs and use recognised screening tools and the referral process for official diagnosis.


Supporting people with Autism and or SpLDs Training

Staff will learn strategies to support people with in areas such as: Communication, Sensory processing and organisation.




Support for charities/organisations to offer education and either with our tutors or delivered by your own staff with support.

Support for home school families to access these qualifications.


Accredited qualifications including (but not limited to):

Functional Skills Maths and English (Level 2 is a GCSE equivalent).

Vocational qualifications in areas such as Catering and Health & Beauty.


Qualifications available for staff (and beneficiaries!) who wish to mentor and/or teach such as:

Level 3 Award in Education (Formerly known as PTTLLS)

Level 2 Award in Peer Mentoring

Individual Support


Screening, assessment and diagnosis by qualified professionals for a range of hidden differences and specific learning difficulties (SpLDs).


Post - diagnosis support e.g. Talking Therapies


Speech & Language Therapy


Occupational Therapy


Depending on the condition being assessed for this can be done via video link or face to face. 




Contact us on 01665 570898


Your Future Education CIO, Registered Charity Number 1182786 

page last updated: 18/12/2020

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