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Our Story 

Your Future Education Founder Saphire Took shares her story about the beginning of Your Future Education

In 2013 our founder started working with autistic teenagers who were not attending school. These were bright, intelligent teenagers capable of gaining qualifications, employment and having a happy life, but due to a range of circumstances were suffering from mental health issues and not engaging with the community or education. Saphire found that with the right support and education, these young people can re-engage with education, access the community and have aspirations for the future.

Saphire had no idea of just how many young people were missing out on education and support until she started research as part of an MA in Autism. It was during this research that she came across many of the statistics shown on these pages. She also realised how little research there is linking autism, dyslexia and lack of education with, homelessness, offending and sex work. Saphire has fostered four children and was horrified to see how this is impacts on children in care and care leavers.

This led to Saphire embarking on a PhD in Education at The University of Lincoln to explore this further. Saphire also decided that she didn't just want to read and write about these issues, she also wanted to do something about it.  Saphire had already support people who have a diagnosis and an existing support network, and so decided to set up a project for people without a diagnosis or support.

In October 2018 Saphire started a project to help support organisations who work with people who are homeless, have experience of the justice system, care system etc. for them to have better awareness of autism and dyslexia; to provide diagnostic assessments and bespoke education for the people they work with (even if they don't have an autism or dyslexia diagnosis). This is to help them gain qualifications, employment and hope for the future.

Our Values

We are committed to the excluded, giving hope, confidence and the skills to succeed are the essential values behind every action of Your Future Education.

Having literacy, numeracy, communication and organisation skills is often something we take for granted, many of the people we work for a variety of reasons have not acquired these skills that are so essential to be able to engage in the community.

YFE seeks to support those who have missed out to acquire the skills to gain sense of self worth, employment and relationships; we advocate for social change and we give voice to those suffering due to unsupported needs. We are committed to long term education support for the students of today who wish to become tomorrow's tutors and mentors.

Aims & Activities

Your Future Education exists to empower people who are excluded or are at risk of exclusion from society for a variety of reasons to gain hope and aspirations for the future and have the skills, confidence and support to rebuild their lives.

We provide:

  • Staff training for awareness / screening and support for Autism and SpLDs
  • Diagnosis for a range of differences that may be affecting their ability to access/succeed at education, employment and services,
  • Therapeutic intervention to understand and support any diagnosis that may arise. For example Counselling and Social Communication training.
  • Maths, English and vocational skills, on a 1:1 or small group basis in a quiet supportive environment with bespoke delivery and assessment methods
  • Case working to support their education and therapeutic needs and employment skills

We value the individual:

  • Our clients Our support is based around the individual needs, strengths, likes, history and hopes. Support length and design is based on the individual.
  • Our volunteers We value the input of every volunteer whatever the contribution.
  • Our staff can be themselves and talk about how they feel and think. We aim to create a supportive environment that considers individual well-being.

We value working in partnership, innovation and best practice, we are committed to co-working and sharing knowledge to develop the most effective support for people who are suffering due to a lack of education and misunderstood needs. We want to continually improve the support we offer and value ideas and feedback from our clients. We also value learning from other services, policy makers, academics and our own research about ideas we can trial to complement our work. We seek to provide ongoing evaluation of the impact of our service.

We value integrity and transparency, we want everyone who comes in to contact with us to know where they stand and how we operate.


Contact us on 0114 438 2849


Your Future Education CIO, Registered Charity Number 1182786 

page last updated: 06/12/2018

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